Vörunúmer SCHE-JAM100

Schertler JAM 100 Ac.Amp

Vörunúmer SCHE-JAM100
Verðmeð VSK
115.990 kr.

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An ideal amp for any musical situation.

The 100W compact JAM 100 is equipped with a 1” dome tweeter and 6” woofer offering a good, honest sound quality.

3 independent channels plus a CD input (Phono connection) enable the simultaneous connection of several instruments. Channels 1 and 2 offer XLR connections with phantom power as well as Hi-Z line inputs.

Other features include 3-band EQ, digital reverb and an intuitive compact control surface enabling easy set-up and adjustment.

Schertler JAM 100 Ac.Amp
Schertler JAM 100 Ac.Amp
Weight 11 kg (24.25lb)
Dimensions 272x362x290mm (10.6x14.17x11.4 in)
Frequency Response 60 Hz to 20 kHz
Speakers 1” dome tweeter, 6” woofer
Construction Birch laminated
Channels 3 channels + CD in
Outputs Rec out, DI
Phantom Power 48V on all XLR inputs
Effect Digital reverb
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