Vörunúmer TCEL-000-CQ900-000

TC Iron Curtain Noise Gate

Vörunúmer TCEL-000-CQ900-000
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8.990 kr.

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Ultra Fast and Efficient Noise Gate with 2-Knob Interface

TC Iron Curtain Noise Gate
TC Iron Curtain Noise Gate
Speedy and effective noise gate reduces unwanted noise from your guitar signal  
Easy to use 2-knob interface controls threshold and decay
Toggle switch lets you choose between muting signal completely or reducing unwanted noise
True bypass for ultimate signal integrity
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The signal-pollution from the decadent, noise-producing effect pedals is not welcome behind the iron curtain!

Iron Curtain is a classic, simple no-nonsense noise gate with intuitive controls, high quality components and zero tolerance for any unwanted noise in your signal - only the purest tone is welcome in the noise-free republic!

  • Simple and effective noise gate
  • All-analog circuitry
  • True Bypass

High Quality Analog Circuitry

Some old amplifiers or some venues just have a lot inherent noise. If the dynamics of your playing is important to you, going from a soft touch with barely audible notes and up to blasting the roof off, a good noise gate can help you keep that sonic image sharp and crisp.

Iron Curtain is built on a classic all-analog circuit that will keep out any unwanted noise from your rig while letting your tone pass through completely unscathed.

Simplicity and Effectivity

Featuring just a Threshold knob and a Decay knob, using Iron Curtain is simpler than most overdrive pedals.

This 2-knob operation makes it easy to dial in a silent, responsive guitar sound whether you're going for a grinding metal tone with all the gain or you're simply playing in an old building with ample stage lighting, using old single coils.


Built to withstand

As you might expect, Iron Curtain is made out of iron. This sturdy little red box will hold up to an atomic war with its iron resolve intact.

The top mounted jack input and output makes for compact pedalboard storage and easily fits between other pedals and true bypass keeps your signal clean when the pedal is off.

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