Vörunúmer VOX-AP2BS

VOX amPlug2 BASS

Vörunúmer VOX-AP2BS
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7.590 kr.

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Inject some inspiration into your practice sessions with the Vox amPlug Bass G2 headphone guitar amplifier!
VOX amPlug2 BASS
VOX amPlug2 BASS

The Vox amPlug Bass G2 headphone bass guitar amplifier will help you nail your bass tone, giving you some massive low end - despite the fact that it occupies virtually no space. Sporting a drastically improved analog circuit, the amPlug Bass G2 provides you with an exceptionally clear and present tone that will inject inspiration into your practice sessions. You also get nine onboard rhythm patterns to help you find your groove. So, ditch your cable, plug straight into a Vox amPlug Bass G2 headphone bass guitar amplifier, and enjoy some serious bass tone. 

Vox amPlug Bass G2 Headphone Bass Guitar Amp Features at a Glance:

  • Improved analog circuit provides exceptionally clear and present tone
  • 3 gain modes for tonal variety
  • New folding plug mechanism rotates 180 degrees to fit any bass guitar
  • Auto power off function conserves battery life
  • 9 selectable rhythm patterns for effective practicing
  • Aux input for jamming along with any audio player
  • Play anytime, anywhere with up to 17 hours of battery life
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