Vörunúmer 2545MBH110090Z

Little Mark Vintage 500 haus

Vörunúmer 2545MBH110090Z
Verðmeð VSK
135.990 kr.

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Markbass produce some of the finest bass amplification in the world. With an esteemed roster of artists including Marcus Miller, Stu Hamm and Mark King, they’re obviously doing something right. Now, 18 years in the making, the Little Mark Vintage is the culmination of the Markbass journey.

Key features

  • Tube preamp for rich, responsive harmonic depth
  • Limiter control to go between modern dynamics and old-school clipping
  • 4-band EQ with 3-way flat/cut/old switch for huge tonal versatility
  • Built-in balanced DI for full, linear sound without unwanted transient noise
  • Gold-plated circuitry with top-quality components
Little Mark Vintage 500 haus
Little Mark Vintage 500 haus
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