Vörunúmer 7600YTR8310Z

Yamaha trumpet YTR8310Z mkIII

Vörunúmer 7600YTR8310Z
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405.990 kr.

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Balanced playing resistance, brilliant tone and a solid tonal core for all types of jazz. The revised Yamaha Custom Z model introduces the latest Yamaha structural technology and other features refined through countless evaluations by Bobby Shew and the Yamaha R&D team.

Yamaha trumpet YTR8310Z mkIII
Yamaha trumpet YTR8310Z mkIII

New Valve Casing for Powerful Tone

In order to produce the powerful, well-defined tone that today’s jazz players demand, the conventional one-piece valve casing has been replaced with a two-piece design.

This refinement adds weight to the instrument’s tone while also increasing playing resistance.

One-piece Side-seam Bell

A one-piece yellow-brass bell plays an important role in achieving bright tone and outstanding projection. The bell also features a side seam that passes through the points where tubing braces dampen vibration, for more open resonance.

French Bead Bell Rim

Unlike traditional methods that produce a round bell rim, the more advanced French bead technique results in a flat-dome rim shape that enhances feedback to the performer.

TR-SHEW-JAZZ Mouthpiece Supplied

This Jazz mouthpiece has a fairly deep, roomy cup for big, warm sound. The throat and backbore are designed to provide enough "jump and snap" to nimbly maneuver through quick jazz passage

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