Vörunúmer 2590M91600

Hohner Happy Color Harmonica

Vörunúmer 2590M91600
Verðmeð VSK
1.490 kr.

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Happy Colour Harmonicas from HOHNER, in C-major
Happy Colour Harps come in a selection of bright, fun colours, making music colourful!

Hohner Happy Color Harmonica
Hohner Happy Color Harmonica

Hohner´s new Happy Colour Harps bring colour into their quality Richter harmonica range. They combine cool styling with excellent response and an astonishingly full sound. High quality plastic cover plates ensure optimum playing comfort.

In the key of C-major
It has 20 Reeds
The Reed plates are metal eloxiert 0.9 mm
The comb is in brightly coloured plastic.


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