Vörunúmer 7500VF00114

Primavera fiðla m/kassa 1/4

Vörunúmer 7500VF00114
Verðmeð VSK
39.990 kr.
Primavera fiðla m/kassa 1/4
Primavera fiðla m/kassa 1/4
The First Choice for Professionals in Music Education

Available in sizes: 4/4 - 1/16. (Includes 1/10).
Hand carved maple and spruce with inlaid purfling.
Ebonised fingerboard and pegs. Highly polished varnish.
Styrofoam shaped case with back-pack shoulder straps and shoulder rest well .
Primavera wooden violin bow with ebony frog.
TSP's own model metal alloy tailpiece with four integral adjusters.
Fitted maple bridge stamped 'Prima'.

Framleiðsluland: Kína
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