Vörunúmer 7600YAS6204

Yamaha Alto Sax YAS6204

Vörunúmer 7600YAS6204
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The new 62 is an improved version of Yamaha's Classic 62 Series Sax, the instrument that revolutionized the world of the saxophone, becoming the first serious challenge to the famous instruments of the past.

The 62 has always been the sax of choice for many of the world's top pros. Offering surprising value for the price, and amazing flexibility (it can be used for virtually any musical genre) it is characterized by a highly expressive tone, comfortable playability and extremely accurate intonation.

One of the biggest new improvements to it is the G1 neck, which gives a better response and more playing flexibility. Also, the entire body has been annealed for a rich resonant sound.

With legendary status amongst saxophonists, the YAS-62 has earned the love and respect of a wide range of players for its consistent and dynamic performance and outstanding design and craftsmanship from Yamaha's world-class instrument craftsmen performing their work with an extraordinary level of devotion, perfection, and passion.


  • New 62 Style Neck:  A slightly narrower bore provides a faster response and greater control. The new 62 style neck allows a comfortable flow of air so that every player can attain a solid tonal core
  • Integrated Key Posts:  Integrating the multiple key posts onto a single plate makes the horn blow with moderate resistance while delivering a solid core with deep tone colour
  • Hand Engraving:  More elaborate with finer detail, the new design offers delicate beauty
  • Improved Low B-C# connection:  An improved mechanism from low B-C# connection ensures the consistent closing of the low C# key and promotes a clear response from notes in the lower range of the instrument
  • Neck Receiver:  The professional style neck receiver increases togetherness of the neck and body offering richer tones
  • Hard Steel Needle Springs:  Hard steel springs provide a faster, more sensitive key response
  • Case:  The high quality semi-hard case offers a contemporary look and greater portability

Supplied with

The Yamaha YAS-62 is supplied in a hard case with external storage pocket and backpack straps. Also included is a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, cap, ligature, external cleaning cloth, cork grease and sample reed.

Yamaha Alto Sax YAS6204
Yamaha Alto Sax YAS6204
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