Vörunúmer TCEL996004061

TC VoiceTone D1 Doubl&detune

Vörunúmer TCEL996004061
Verðmeð VSK
22.990 kr.

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The TC Helicon Voicetone D1 (VT-D1) is a stompbox designed for vocalists on the stage. It provides the sound of double-tracked vocals in a live setting, doing so by means of an easy-to-use two-knob control set.

TC VoiceTone D1 Doubl&detune
TC VoiceTone D1 Doubl&detune

Doubling and De-Tune with 8 presets

Fader "Dry / Wet" for a perfect mixing ratio of the dry and wet signal

Sound quality of the algorithms were taken from the VoiceLive 2

XLR microphone input with 24 V phantom power (can not be switched off)

Recessed gain control (prevents accidental changes)

Connectors: Sym. XLR output, USB port (for connection to VoiceSupport application for tips, tricks and updates), Mic-Control connection (Effect on / off via TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone)

All pedals of VoiceTone series can be connected together (Daisychain), the first pedal takes over the master volume

Power adapter included

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