Vörunúmer DP181WH

DiMarzio Fast Track 1 White

Vörunúmer DP181WH
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11.990 kr.

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The Fast Track 1™ is hotter and more muscular than The Cruiser®, but it’s still very bright and clean sounding — not at all like a full-size humbucker. The dual-blade continuous magnetic field creates an even string balance with very little magnet-pull, eliminating the “out-of-tuneness” common to rod-magnet designs. The Fast Track 1™ pickup’s power (double the output of a standard single-coil) makes it highly recommended in combination with medium - to - hot full-size humbuckers. You can also put a whole set of Fast Track 1™ pickups in a Strat® style guitar, or create custom sets with any of our other dual-blade models.

DiMarzio Fast Track 1 White
DiMarzio Fast Track 1 White
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