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Fender Chugg 351 Picks, 6-Pack

Vörunúmer 25351989999102
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Digg in! The Fender Chugg™ picks are made of 1.5mm thick, highly polished cellulose acetate that mimics the sound of real tortoiseshell. A precision cut double bevel at the tip creates a slightly broken-in feel that your go-to pick develops over time. This reverse beveling also allows the pick to bounce quickly from string to string, making Fender Chugg picks work for a multitude of flatpicking styles. A textured logo on both sides will ensure a more stable grip on your new favorite plectrum.

Fender Chugg 351 Picks, 6-Pack
Fender Chugg 351 Picks, 6-Pack


  • Cellulous acetate material
  • Reverse double-beveled tip
  • 351 shape
  • 6 pack
  • Made in USA
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