Vörunúmer DP259F

DiMarzio Titan BRG F-space BLK

Vörunúmer DP259F
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DiMarzio Titan BRG F-space BLK
DiMarzio Titan BRG F-space BLK

Titan™ Bridge


Jake Bowen is one of the new generation of guitarists on the cutting edge of progressive rock. His sound is helping to redefine rock guitar, and his pickups play a major part. The Titan™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups were developed for his new signature guitar by Ibanez.

Jake’s bridge pickup is crucial to his sound, and the most important feature is that it needed to be tight. It also needed to have good dynamics for right-hand playing yet still keep the aggressiveness and mid-range that Periphery’s music calls for. The Titan™ Bridge Model is at home with both standard and dropped tunings. Additionally, Jake shares that “it’s a very tight, aggressive palm-muted sound when I do palm-muting strokes but ­— when I play open chords — everything rings out very nicely”.  

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Tech Talk

Many high-output pickups are either very bright or very dark. The Titan™ Bridge Model is bright where it needs to be — on the low end. The highs are warmer, and the Titan™ has a distinctive voice that doesn’t get lost, even in a dense, three-guitar mix.


Wiring: 4 Conductor 
Magnet: Ceramic 
Output mV: 418 
DC Resistance: 11.07 Kohm 
Year of Introduction: 2013 
Patent: 5908998

Tone Guide

Treble: 5.0
Mid: 6.0
Bass: 5.0


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