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Fender Strap Custom Mono DBL

Vörunúmer 25350990627004
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2.290 kr.

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Support your instrument in eye-catching comfort with this new take on our classic monogrammed strap, featuring a pallette inspired by original-era Fender "Custom Colors". Fully adjustable from 31.5" to 58", this 2"-wide strap is constructed with a durable polyester top layer and polypro backing to help prevent slipping. Genuine leather ends with an embossed Fender logo and classic metal hardware complete the package.

Fender Strap Custom Mono DBL
Fender Strap Custom Mono DBL


  • Fully adjustable from 31.5”-58”
  • Embroidered Fender logo and embossed logo on strap ends
  • Reinforced leather ends and metal hardware
  • Available in Candy Apple Red, Daphne Blue, Seafoam Green and Lake Placid Blue
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