Vörunúmer 2607CYB248C

Cordial 24/8 Snake 30m XLR

Vörunúmer 2607CYB248C
Verðmeð VSK
175.989 kr.

Nánari upplýsingar

24 rásir á aðra áttina, 8 í hina - hentar t.d. til að senda 24 rásir frá sviði í mixer og L&R fram + 6 monitor send aftur uppá svið.  30 metrar. 

Cordial 24/8 Snake 30m XLR
Cordial 24/8 Snake 30m XLR

Our CYB 24-8, the multicore system with INI IN 24 OUT 1 OUT 8, was especially developed for quick and efficient production jobs. It is particularly suited for, e.g. the transmission of analog signals between FOH and stage or between control and recording room.
The CYB 24-8 multicore system is available in a 30 meters version and features strain relief, kink protection and a trapeze-shaped stage box. Stage box, connectors and bulk cables are hand-soldered and made by REAN, a Neutrik brand. As useful accessories we also offer a matching gig bag as well as fluorescent channel number labels for dark stages. CORDIAL multicore systems: great tools at budget prices!


Multicore CYB C 24/8

  • Trapezoid stagebox
  • Strain relief with kink protection
  • Fanout cable with split protection
  • Marked heat shrink tubes give an additional kink protection for the fanout cable connectors
  • With REAN connector (made by Neutrik)
  • 24 inputs
  • 8 outputs
  • Length: 30 m
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