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DiMarzio Speaker Cable 3ft

Vörunúmer EP1803
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DiMarzio Speaker Cable 3ft
DiMarzio Speaker Cable 3ft

High Def Speaker Cable: Phone Ends


DiMarzio® Instrument Speaker Cables reproduce sound so accurately we could have called them "Reference Cables". Our cables are fine-tuned for deep bass and open highs. They deliver definition and openness from string-to-string like you've never heard before. They're ideal head-to-bottom hookups for guitar or bass applications. DiMarzio® Instrument Speaker Cables are made with 12-gauge OFHC copper wire and FEP Fluoropolymer insulation and minimize cable interaction when subjected to stage level volumes because of our resonance control. DiMarzio® Instrument Speaker Cables come in 3-foot, 4-foot, and 6-foot lengths and are available in black only. Head-to-bottom connectors have black nylon outer jackets and 1/4-inch phone ends. Neutrik Speakon ends are available at no extra cost.

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Wire Gauge: AWG 12 x 2 OFHC (3.31 mm2) 
Diameter: 0.41 in. (10.41 mm) 
Insulation: FEP Fluoropolymer 
Capacitance: 24 pF/ft (79 pF/M) 
Shield & Material: Wires are twisted pairs with vibration absorbing fillers and PTFE tape 
Jacket & Material: PVC + Nylon Overbraid 
Resistance: 1.73 ohm/1,000 ft (5.68 ohm/KM) 
Inductance: 2.1 µH/ft (6.9 µH/M) 
Termination Method: Crimped + Silver Solder 
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