Vörunúmer KM16027-000-55

K-M Glasahaldari á stand BIO

Vörunúmer KM16027-000-55
Verðmeð VSK
2.890 kr.

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With the 16027 drink holder, König & Meyer is launching a product whose body is made entirely of bio-based plastic. These plastics contain a more than 50% up to 100% share of renewable plant-based raw materials. The use of renewable raw materials helps to conserve limited oil reserves and reduce harmful CO2 emissions. More information on bio-based plastics at: bioplastic.k-m.de. The 16027 drink holder made of bio-based plastic for glasses, cups and mugs is just as up to daily use as a holder made of conventional plastic. The metal clamp fits all standard stands with a tube diameter of 11 to 30 mm. 

K-M Glasahaldari á stand BIO
K-M Glasahaldari á stand BIO
EAN: 4016842115471
Material: Bio-based plastic
Screw-on to: tube diameter up to 30 mm
Suitable for: bottles, glasses and cups with maximum diameter of 95 mm
Type: black
Weight: 0.133 kg
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