Vörunúmer 2656D-NC65

Maintenance Station Neck Cradl

Vörunúmer 2656D-NC65
Verðmeð VSK
4.690 kr.
Maintenance Station Neck Cradl
Maintenance Station Neck Cradl

The Right Way to Work on Your Guitar

With the Dunlop NC65 Maintenance Station Neck Cradle, it's easy to work on your guitar. Whether you're changing strings, installing pickups, or just cleaning her up, the NC65 Maintenance Station cradles the neck of your guitar for maximum convenience. It's perfect for supporting either the back or the front of your guitar's neck, electric or acoustic. Whether you repair guitars everyday or simply work on your own occasionally, you'll be glad you have the Dunlop NC65 Maintenance Station Neck Cradle.



Dunlop NC65 Maintenance Station Neck Cradle Features:

  • Neck-supporting maintenance stand for electric or acoustic guitars
  • Equally suited for supporting the back or front of your guitar's neck
  • Perfect for cradling your guitar so you can work with both hands easily

Support your guitar while you're working on it, with the Dunlop NC65 Maintenance Station Neck Cradle!

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