Vörunúmer KM12250-013-55

K-M Ljós á nótnastand 122E

Vörunúmer KM12250-013-55
Verðmeð VSK
6.591 kr.

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Classic music stand light with black light shade. Three-way tilt adjustment for precise placement. Two meter electrical cable with on-off switch and Euro-style plug. One tubular bulb included. Uses only tubular bulbs with a maximum rating of 25 watts. In-door use only.

K-M Ljós á nótnastand 122E
K-M Ljós á nótnastand 122E
Clamping range: up to 20 mm
Connection: electric cable 2 m
EAN: 4016842824830
Electrical connection data: 230 V AC 50Hz
Intensity: ~2500 lux
Lamp shade length: 160 mm
Light positioning by: pivoted joint
Lighting appliance: 1 light bulb
Material: steel
Power output: max. 25 watt
Power supply: only mains operation
Special features: GS-approved
Type: black
Weight: 0.36 kg
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