Vörunúmer TCEL966123001

TC Polytune2 Blacklight Tuner

Vörunúmer TCEL966123001
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TC Polytune2 Blacklight Tuner
TC Polytune2 Blacklight Tuner

The Birth of Cool

With its sleek black look, mesmerizing blue and white LED-display and three unbelievably precise tuning modes, PolyTune 2 BlackLight is made for the musician who wants a tuner that truly stands out from the rest. With PolyTune 2 BlackLight, tuners are no longer the invisible kid at the school of rock. No, it commands attention and it deserves it!

  • PolyTune® Technology - Tune All Strings Simultaneously
  • Über-cool and super-bright blue and white LED Display
  • Ultra-precise Chromatic Strobe Tuner

As Black as a Tuneless Night

PolyTune 2 BlackLight looks freakin' cool, you can't deny that. Just try and look BlackLight deep in its ultra-bright blue and white display and tell it that it doesn't rock. That's right, you can't! This tuner is set to give your distortion pedals a run for their money on the awesomeness scale, all while delivering the fastest and most accurate tune-up known to all of tuningkind. Finally a tuner you'll be proud to take home to your pedalboard.

Precision Perfected

Even though BlackLight looks amazing on the outside, it's even more astonishing on the inside, which hosts our groundbreaking polyphonic tuning technology. This innovative mode lets you tune all six strings with a single strum for an ultra-fast on-stage tune up. But hey, if you prefer your trusty chromatic tuner then just hit a single string and BAM… you're in chromatic mode. Yes it's that easy and that fast. You're welcome!

The Devil’s In The Detail

Certain situations just require accuracy beyond the capabilities of standard chromatic tuners. That's why PolyTune 2 BlackLight is outfitted with a killer strobe tuner that delivers +/-0.1 pin-point precision, great for setting up your instrument or for securing perfect pitch when in the studio. Trust us, you'll thank us when your next album hits the streets.

Backstage Pass - All Access


It’s easy to get distracted by the beauty of PolyTune BlackLight, but there’s an equal amount of mesmerizing things going on under the hood. So let’s have a look at what PolyTune BlackLight has to offer.


PolyTune: Strum - Tune - Rock!

PolyTune 2 BlackLight features our proprietary polyphonic tuning technology– a game-changing total tuning turnaround that allows you to instantly gauge the tuning of all your strings simultaneously and tune up on the fly, ALL strings at once!

Chromatic Champ

Besides the Polyphonic tuner, PolyTune 2 BlackLight has a chromatic tuner that can hang with the best tuning technology out there, with an amazing 0.5 cent accuracy.

Brighten Up Your Day

The new blue and white LEDs in PolyTune 2 BlackLight are bright enough to be seen from outer space, but the ambient light sensor in PolyTune BlackLight ensures you always have the right brightness. The result? A clear and pleasant visibility, no matter what situation you’re in.

Full Strobe Ahead

The strobe tuner in PolyTune 2 BlackLight lets you finetune your instruments with surgical precision at blinding speeds. Sounds good, right? We’re talking +/- 0.1 Cent tuning accuracy and in case you don’t really know what that means – believe us there are atomic clocks that’d kill for that accuracy.

Tuning Magnet

The tuner magnet feature slows down the needle once you get close to the desired pitch, delivering a quick and easy tuning experience – any time, every time.


MonoPoly instantly recognizes whether you play one or more strings and replies with the appropriate polyphonic or monophonic tuning mode.

True Bypass

This allows for your carefully sculpted tone to flow unaffected when the pedal is bypassed and for silent tuning once engaged.

Total Recall

PolyTune 2 BlackLight stores your preferences. From pitch reference to tuning mode, it hangs on to this information even after it is powered down, making sure you only have to set how you want things to happen once.

  • PolyTune® - Tune all strings simultaneously
  • Chromatic tuner with +/- 0.5 cent tuning accuracy
  • Super-fast strobe tuner with +/- 0.1 cent tuning accuracy
  • Sports an ultra-cool black design
  • Ultra-bright blue and white LED display with ambient light sensor
  • Drop-D and capo tuning modes
  • True bypass with silent tuning
  • DC output for powering other pedals
  • 3M Velcro for pedal board attachment
  • Up to 5 semitones flat tunings
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