Vörunúmer TCEL966112001

TC UniTune Clip On Tuner

Vörunúmer TCEL966112001
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5.990 kr.

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Ultra Simple, Ultra Compact, Ultra Accurate

TC UniTune Clip On Tuner
TC UniTune Clip On Tuner

There's no question TC's tuning technology has turned the industry on its head. Developed TC Electronics, the UniTune gives you precision tuning with the convenience of a clip-on headstock tuner. WE know you're not always tied to your pedalboard, so now you can enjoy precision tuning wherever you go, with this clip-on design. Whether you're camping in the middle of nowhere, or just want to pull one more pedal out of your signal chain, the TC Electronic UniTune clip-on tuner definitely deserves your attention.

Ultra-bright adaptive LED display

One thing TC Electronic tuners have always had over many other electronic tuners is their bright LED displays that are easy to see in many different lighting situations. The UniTune clip-on tuner has 105 high-powered LED lights that are bright enough to see even in daylight. And the display's adaptive technology automatically flips the read-out so you can easily use the tuner in-front or behind the headstock, and on right- and left-handed instruments.

TC Electronic UniTune Clip-on Tuner Features:

  • State-of-the-art clip-on tuner for guitar, bass, ukulele and other instruments
  • ±0.02 cent accuracy
  • Ultra-bright and easy to read display
  • Adaptive display
  • Elegant yet durable design
  • High-quality stainless steel clip
  • Flat Tunings and Capo Mode
  • Up to 18 hours of usage per battery

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Tech Specs

  • Type:Chromatic
  • Format:Clip-on
  • Display Type:LED, Strobe
  • Reference Pitch:435Hz-445Hz
  • Accuracy:±0.05 cent (chromatic), ±0.02 cent (strobe)
  • Batteries:Lithium coin battery CR2032
  • Manufacturer Part Number:UNITUNECLIP
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