Vörunúmer ISO-STAGE1

IsoAcoustics StageOne

Vörunúmer ISO-STAGE1
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The  isolators effectively eliminate the vibrational variables that touring musicians experience while playing onstage in a variety of venues and locations, enabling them to have consistent, clear sound night after night. Enjoy Consistent results with greater sound clarity and focus, every time you play.

IsoAcoustics StageOne
IsoAcoustics StageOne

Awesome Sound. Stage to Stage. Studio & Home

The  isolators are rated for up to 200 lbs (90 kg) per set of four and are designed for equipment ranging from small bass combo amps to stacked 4-12 cabinets.

 installation options



  1. Fastened directly to the bottom of the cabinet.
    Remove any existing feet and fasten the  isolators directly to the bottom of the Guitar/Bass amps, cabinets, subwoofer or stage monitors using the supplied fasteners.


  1. Combined with 
    Create a portable isolation platform using the Stage 1 Board (available separately).
    Click Here to learn more about 


  1. Combined with DIY Plywood board
    Create an isolation platform by installing the  isolators on plywood, cut to the appropriate size.

Use the  isolators in the studio when tracking to capture that tight open sound, or at home to give your neighbours a break from the bass booming through the structure.

Enjoy consistent results every time you play.

Package contains:
4 – IsoAcoustics  isolators
16 – #10 x ¾” (19mm) wood screws

Patented IsoAcoustics Isolation

Exciting the supporting surface

The isolators manage the energy of the speaker to reduce vibrations resonating through the supporting surface to eliminate dissonant sounds in the listening area or joining rooms.

Reducing internal reflections

Internal reflections are vibrations reflecting back up into the speaker cabinet which causes smear. The IsoAcoustics isolators reduce internal reflections to eliminate smear. The result is an open stereo image of natural spatial sound.


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