Vörunúmer TCEL990100001

TC RC4 Pedal f/RH450/750

Vörunúmer TCEL990100001
Verðmeð VSK
14.995 kr. Verð áður29.989 kr.

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Amp Accessory Pedal for Floor Control and Tuning with Built-In Tuner Display

TC RC4 Pedal f/RH450/750
TC RC4 Pedal f/RH450/750
  • High-quality amp accessory pedal gives you floor-based preset and tuning control with a built-in tuner display?
  • Large ultra-precise chromatic tuner display helps you tune up exactly
  • Three preset footswitches let you change amp settings quickly and easily
  • Mute footswitch allows silent tuning
  • Draws all power from amp ? no external power required
  • Compatible with RH450, RH750, STACCATO?51, and BLACKSMITH
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark
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