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Fender Precision 70's Ltd NAT

Vörunúmer 25350140116321
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1970s-inspired P Bass with Classic Neck and Pickups
Fender Precision 70's Ltd NAT
Fender Precision 70's Ltd NAT

The Fender FSR Limited Edition '70s Precision Bass is a flower-powered tone machine ripped straight out of glam, punk, and classic rock's playbook. The full-figured ash body looks especially stunning in a natural finish with 3-ply black pickguard. Meanwhile, Fender's chunky "C" maple neck with bound maple fingerboard and block inlays exudes '70s soul. The Fender Pure Vintage pickups are powerful and vibrant, with a clean attack that slices through a mix. From rock to metal, funk to soul, with the Fender FSR Limited Edition '70s Precision Bass, you're ready to bring down the house.

Pure Vintage pickups kick out classic tone

Fender's Pure Vintage P Bass pickups are built period correct, with enamel-coated coil, cloth-covered output wires, fiber bobbins, and Alnico V magnets. Together they pack a full, powerful low end, a carefully contoured midrange, and a clean attack that really opens up with a pick. The Fender FSR Limited Edition '70s Precision Bass is a classic for all forms of rock but also capably covers soul, R&B, and most styles of music you can expect to encounter in a live or studio setting.

Chunky '70s "C" neck with bound fingerboard

One of the standout features of the FSR Limited Edition '70s P Bass is its '70s-era "C" neck profile. This gives you the fast feel of a modern Precision, but with a little more wood to hold onto when you're laying down a groove. The classic 7.25" radius maple fretboard is expertly bound and adorned with block inlays and vintage-tall frets for a great '70s look and playing experience.

Fender FSR Limited Edition '70s Precision Bass Features:

  • Vintage-style Precision Bass exudes '70s soul
  • Period-correct Pure Vintage P Bass Alnico V pickups
  • Full-figured ash body
  • Chunky '70s-era "C" maple neck
  • Bound maple fingerboard with classic block inlays
  • 7.25" fretboard radius and vintage-tall frets provide a classic playing experience
  • Synthetic bone nut (1.625" width) enhances sustain
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