Vörunúmer 25350300574506

Squier Dlx Jazz Bass IV Active

Vörunúmer 25350300574506
Verðmeð VSK
59.990 kr.

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The Deluxe Jazz Bass® Active IV is an instrument perfect for bassists who desire a modern active tone at an unbeatable value! Use the active three-band EQ to shape your sound with precision, covering everything from modern punch to warm vintage growl, and all points in between. The slap instantly shifts between active and passive modes for the ultimate in tonal flexibility.

Squier Dlx Jazz Bass IV Active
Squier Dlx Jazz Bass IV Active


    • Maple neck with "C"-shaped profile and 20-fret ebonol fingerboard
    • Dual single-coil Jazz Bass pickups
    • Master volume, blend control, three-band active EQ with "stacked" bass/treble control knob
    • Mid-scoop "slap switch"
    • Quick-release battery compartment
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