Vörunúmer 7600F310P2

Yamaha F310 Guitar Pack

Vörunúmer 7600F310P2
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33.990 kr.

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Setup to a professional standard. The Yamaha F310 blends great playability with a full, rich tone. This affordable acoustic is easy to use and hugely versatile. The F310 delivers a warm sound with more than enough volume. Perfect for a wide variety of genres. Coming with a comprehensive starter kit, you can improve your technique, develop skills, and strum your first chords with Yamaha's F310.

Yamaha F310 Guitar Pack
Yamaha F310 Guitar Pack

World renowned for their time, care, and attention to detail. Yamaha brings you the best of both worlds by combining affordability with high-quality. It is setup to the same standards as Yamaha's high-end instruments to ensure great comfort, feel, and playability. A long-lasting legacy that continues to power many musical journeys. Start yours today.

Package Includes:

      • Spruce top
      • Meranti back and sides
      • Nato neck
      • 20-fret Rosewood fingerboard
      • Tuner
      • Strap
      • Spare set of strings
      • Picks
      • Tutorial DVD
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