Vörunúmer EBS-MB3

EBS Microbass 3 Preamp

Vörunúmer EBS-MB3
Verðmeð VSK
59.990 kr.

Nánari upplýsingar

100% analog professional preamp.

Dual channels – Clean and Drive.

Run in parallel or series.

Blend control for the drive.

Dual Balanced XLR-out (pre & post EQ or Stereo).

Effects loop (mono or stereo).

Character and Bright filters (clean channel).

HI or LO gain drive engines.

Thin or Deep type (drive channel).

Tuner, Aux-input, Headphones out.

10 Mohms input impedance (main input).

9V DC, 450 mA required (power supply included).

EBS Microbass 3 Preamp
EBS Microbass 3 Preamp
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