Vörunúmer OBN-ALPHAH21

OBN Endeavors Alpha Haunt 21

Vörunúmer OBN-ALPHAH21
Verðmeð VSK
38.991 kr.

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Two years since its initial release, Alpha Haunt Fuzz gets a makeover. The pedal explores the vast variety of sounds you can coax from one fuzz circuit, from open overdrives to squashed sputters. Now in a more pedalboard-friendly package, the Alpha Haunt continues to offer users its uniquely versatile control set.

OBN Endeavors Alpha Haunt 21
OBN Endeavors Alpha Haunt 21

The Alpha Haunt features:

  • Variable control over fuzz gain, compression, and tone to set the base fuzz sound

  • Switchable fuzz range, bias, and tone control voices for further options

  • A parallel Enhance circuit with independent volume to bring in body and clarity

  • Active three band master EQ to shape the output

  • Master volume to control the overall output level

  • Soft touch relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power

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