Vörunúmer TCEL-000-CAR00-000

TC Blood Moon Phaser

Vörunúmer TCEL-000-CAR00-000
Verðmeð VSK
8.990 kr.

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Vintage-Style Phaser Pedal with Four-Stage Filter and All-Analog Circuit

TC Blood Moon Phaser
TC Blood Moon Phaser
Vintage-style phaser pedal
Classic four-stage filter design
Legendary, all-analog circuit
True Bypass for ultimate signal integrity
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If classic 1970s phaser tones make your heart beat faster, brace yourself for a sheer heart attack! Blood Moon Phaser resurrects the toothsome phaser sounds of yesteryear and transfuses them with a range of modern features such as top-mounted input/output and true bypass. Infuse your tone with the haunting howls and sacchariferous sweeps convoked by Blood Moon Phaser´s vintage four-stage filter - and get ready to rock out from dusk till dawn!

    •    Vintage-style phaser pedal
    •    Classic four-stage filter design
    •    True bypass and top-mounted I/O

The 1970s called…

Some of the most iconic riffs and solos from the 1970s featured a phaser. And the all-analog circuit found inside of Blood Moon Phaser beautifully recreates the lush sounds you´ve come to love. Whether you´re chasing that swirly mid-1970s Gilmour tone, the ´brown sound´ associated with a certain Mr. Halen or simply want to add some smoothness to your Trower inspired solos, Blood Moon Phaser delivers!

Four-stage filter

Blood Moon Phaser is not only dressed to kill - It sounds bloody awesome too! This is not least thanks to its classic four-stage filter design. Using the feedback knob you can pass a portion of the filter´s output back through the circuit again creating even more otherworldly results. How far do you dare to go?

Classic Tone With Modern Features

A sturdy metal chassis, top-mounted input/output and true bypass means that the Blood Moon Phaser is equally roadworthy and pedal board friendly.

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