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Fender LTD Baja Tele MN SHP

Vörunúmer 25350140120356
Verðmeð VSK
159.990 kr.

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The unconventional Telecaster fan will appreciate the unconventional style of the Classic Player Baja Telecaster. Designed by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Chris Fleming, it looks like a traditional Tele®, but boasts several mods that transform it into a full-voiced true Classic Player, such as Custom Shop-designed pickups, special tone circuitry and switching, and more.


  • Ash body
  • Custom Shop-designed Twisted Tele® single-coil neck pickup
  • Custom Shop-designed Vintage-Style Tele single-coil bridge pickup
  • Special four-way pickup switch (offers both pickups in series in addition to standard parallel)
  • S-1™ switch for even more tonal options
  • American Vintage string-through-body Telecaster bridge with three brass saddles
Fender LTD Baja Tele MN SHP
Fender LTD Baja Tele MN SHP
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