Vörunúmer 25350996203306

Fender Case Dread BLK

Vörunúmer 25350996203306
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The Fender Flat-Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case offers all the durability and style modern players require, whether they're in search of a sturdy on-the-road or at-home storage solution. With its sleek black exterior and quality black plush lining, this heavy-duty protective case is built to withstand the rigors of the road and prevent damage to your acoustic instrument.

Fender Case Dread BLK
Fender Case Dread BLK


-Sturdy flat-top design for comfortable fit
-Sleek chrome hardware for classic Fender looks
-Ergonomic handle for easy transport
-Heavily reinforced one-inch foam padding
-Classic black covering with gray contrast stitching
-Thick black plush lining for extra protection 
-Fits most six-string dreadnought and 12-string acoustic guitars

Inner Dimensions: 
Length: 44"
Upper Bout: 12.5"
Waist: 11.5"
Lower Bout: 15.750"
Depth: 5" 



Model Name: Fender® Flat-Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case, Black
Model Number: 0996203306
Series: Bags & Cases
Color: Black with Black Acrylic Interior
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