Vörunúmer GATO-GCLPS

Gator Les Paul gítartaska

Vörunúmer GATO-GCLPS
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15.990 kr.

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ABS Hardshell Cases

The GC-LPS molded guitar case is designed to fit the Gibson Les Paul¬ and similar style single cutaway electric guitars. The outer shell is molded from impact-resistant ABS plastic, chosen for its long-term durability. Outfitted with ultra-durable aluminu

Gator Les Paul gítartaska
Gator Les Paul gítartaska

Deluxe Molded Guitar Cases

Gibson Les Paul¬ Guitar Case

Rugged Handle


Locking Latches


Padded Neck Cradle


Plush Lining

  • Hard Outer Shell Molded from Impact-Resistant ABS Plastic for an Ultra-Durable Exterior
  • EPS Foam and Plush Lining Provide a Protective Interior Safe from Nicks and Scratches
  • Spacious Interior Storage Compartment Offers Secure Hideaways for Capos, Strings, Picks and Accessories
  • Reinforced, Extra Strength Handles, Offer a Firm Grip
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Valances Keep the Closure Aligned While Protecting the Outer Edges and Reinforcing the Overall Strength of the Case
  • Chrome Plated Lockable Latches Keep your Instrument Securely in Place at all Times
  • Designed to Fit Gibson Les Paul¬ Guitars and Similar Style Single Cutaway Electrics
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