Vörunúmer WWRB20515B/V5

Guitar Bag Student Bass

Vörunúmer WWRB20515B/V5
Verðmeð VSK
4.590 kr.
Guitar Bag Student Bass
Guitar Bag Student Bass

Rockbag Student RB20515B
This rockbag is for electric bass guitars

The Rockbags are available in 6 variations/qualities:
1.Student with 7mm padding and a pocket
2.Deluxe with 20mm padding and a pocket for music and accessories
3.Premium, 30mm padding with satin padding and 2 pockets
4.Royal-Premium, as the premium but with plush padding and carrying straps
5.Jeans, stonewashed US Blue Denim with 30mm padding and two pockets
6.Genuine Custom Leather, 30mm padding with satin lining, 4 metal feet underneath and lots more details......
In comparison to other leather bags, this one is super quality at a fantastic price!
All versions have two shoulderstraps, a padded handle and are from a water-resistant nylon material, except of course the denim and leather versions!

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