Vörunúmer TAYL-214CEQSDLX

Taylor 214ce QS DLX sap/spr

Vörunúmer TAYL-214CEQSDLX
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294.990 kr.

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 Grand Auditorium Body with Supreme Tone, Presence, and Sustain


The 214ce-QS Deluxe Limited, it’s all about the body shape and Taylor ES2 electronics — the power, projection, and presence of a dreadnought in an instrument with a tapered waist and ultra-comfortable contours. It’s rare quilted sapele back and sides topped with spruce offer a delightful tonewood combination that exhibits excellent sustain and response for a multitude of playing styles. With its fast, slender neck, the 214ce-QS Deluxe Limited plays like a Taylor, which is to say, effortlessly. No doubt about it, you’ll take the stage and the studio in style and supreme sonic excellence with this Taylor instrument in hand.

Taylor 214ce QS DLX sap/spr
Taylor 214ce QS DLX sap/spr

Grand Auditorium body style for amazing comfort, tone, and visuals

Taylor’s beloved Grand Auditorium body style, featured on the 214ce-QS Deluxe Limited, employs the width and depth of their Dreadnought design; however, its waist is narrower, which gives Grand-Auditorium-bodied acoustic guitars a sleeker look, with more treble zing. The body style also helps to sharpen the definition of each note. From fingerpicking to medium strumming, the Grand Auditorium body is a great choice for nearly every playing style.

Built-in ES2 electronics system for great onstage tone

You’ll enjoy performing with the 214ce-QS Deluxe Limited, not only because of its great looks but also because it packs the Taylor ES2 electronics system, which delivers uncolored, exceptionally clean amplified sound and flexible tone shaping. Whether you’re playing it acoustically or plugged-in, the Taylor 214ce-QS Deluxe Limited sounds amazing.

Spruce and quilted sapele steal the show

With an ear toward excellent tone, Taylor designed this 214ce-QS Deluxe Limited replete with a solid spruce top and quilted sapele back and sides. Once you take your eyes off these enchanting tonewoods, you'll tune your ears into the full, clear, projection and characteristically open sounds. The spruce will add articulation to the balanced tonal spectrum and shimmering top-end of the quilted sapele.

Taylor 214ce-QS Deluxe Limited Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Quilted sapele body looks and sounds great with a balanced tonal spectrum
  • Spruce top adds articulation
  • Grant Auditorium body offers comfort and excellent projection
  • West African ebony fretboard makes for superb Taylor playability
  • Graceful Venetian cutaway gives you free access to upper frets
  • Taylor ES2 electronics will help you conquer the stage and studio
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