Vörunúmer 7600FSX830CNT

Yamaha FSX830C CNT Ac.Gtr

Vörunúmer 7600FSX830CNT
Verðmeð VSK
119.990 kr.

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Derived from FS830 which has the solid spruce top and rosewood back/sides, FSX830C has a cutaway body and the electric system. Yamaha's proprietary under-saddle piezo pickup and System66 analog preamp ensure the solid plugged-in performance. The small and thin body is perfect not only for female/young players but for intermediate to upper level finger-picking style players.

Yamaha FSX830C CNT Ac.Gtr
Yamaha FSX830C CNT Ac.Gtr

- Small Body
- Solid Spruce Top
- Rosewood Back & Sides
- Newly Developed Scalloped Bracing
- Rich Overtones

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