Vörunúmer 2678AFS75TMGF

Ibanez AFS75TMGF Hollow Body

Vörunúmer 2678AFS75TMGF
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The fully hollow body of the AFS75T is an inch thinner than a standard hollowbody, producing more midrange and reducing boomy feedback. And the pair of Classic Elite Humbuckers along with a 3-way pickup selector and bridge and neck volume and tone controls give you ample options for dialing in great tone. Blues, jazz, and even rock will find these humbuckers ideal for getting that full, warm humbucking sound.

The nyatoh neck and laurel fingerboard on the AFS75T are incredibly responsive and playable. The 22 medium frets and 24.7" scale length make chording and lead playing a breeze. And with the ART-2 Roller bridge with Bigsby B60, you get hours of enjoyable playing as you explore your own unique style and tremolo effects.

Ibanez Artcore AFS75T Hollowbody Electric Features:

  • Fully hollowbody electric produces stellar midrange tone
  • Linden body with satin finish for classic looks
  • Pair of Classic Elite Humbuckers kick out killer humbucker tone
  • ART-2 Roller bridge with Bigsby B60 gives you all kinds of outstanding sustain and tremolo control
  • Nyatoh neck and laurel fingerboard are incredibly responsive and playable
  • 22 medium frets and 24.7" scale length make chording and lead playing a breeze
Ibanez AFS75TMGF Hollow Body
Ibanez AFS75TMGF Hollow Body
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