Vörunúmer TAYL-70206

Taylor Guitar Hanger Ebony

Vörunúmer TAYL-70206
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9.590 kr.

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Taylor Guitar Wall Hanger - Ebony, No Inlay

Taylor Guitar Hanger Ebony
Taylor Guitar Hanger Ebony

This finely crafted guitar wall hanger is made from genuine West African Crelicam ebony, the same ebony that we use in the fretboards and bridges of our acoustic guitars.

A cushioned yoke provides a secure hanging spot for your guitar without damaging the finish or neck, while ebony’s gorgeous visual character reflects the craftsmanship and natural beauty of our responsibly sourced tonewoods.

Purchases support our tree planting projects and other sustainability initiatives.

Each hanger is visually unique, displaying ebony’s exotic character in a distinctive color pattern.

Each wall hanger features a 1-7/8" x 11-3/8" wood mount. Screws included. Model #70206

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