Vörunúmer TCEL996016001

TC Talkbox Synth

Vörunúmer TCEL996016001
Verðmeð VSK
24.990 kr.
TC Talkbox Synth
TC Talkbox Synth
  • Modern and Classic Talk Box styles
  • 4 Synth styles
  • Talk Box effects with or without Guitar thru
  • Reverb (Room, Club, Hall)
  • Tone button for Adaptive EQ, Compression, De-essing and Gating
  • Battery operation (batteries optional)
  • Auto Chromatic Pitch Correction
  • Easy connection between standard mic and mixer
  • Phantom power always available
  • Low noise microphone pre-amp
  • Automatic input gain – no more setting and adjusting input gain
  • Mic Control for remote on/off switching with optional TC-Helicon MP-75, MP-76 (main button only) and Sennheiser e835 FX mics
  • Rugged all-metal construction
  • USB connection to VoiceSupport application offering updates, product-specific news and more
  • 9V operation to accommodate common pedalboard power supplies



  • Guitar Talk Box and Vocoder
  • Synth Vocoder
  • Reverb
  • Pitch Correction
  • Adaptive Tone


  • Guitar Talk Box and Vocoder effects with or without guitar thru
  • Selection of 4 Synth Vocoder waveforms
  • Correction amount 0 to 100%
  • 3 vocally tuned Reverb styles with adjustable level
  • Adaptive Tone on/off
  • Mic Control on/off
  • Footswitch on/off
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