Vörunúmer 7600FG830TBS

Yamaha FG830 Ac.Guitar TBS

Vörunúmer 7600FG830TBS
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79.990 kr.

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The new Yamaha FG830 acoustic guitar is a step up from the FG700S, with scalloped braces for increased projection and low-end. It's a great first upgrade acoustic guitar with deluxe features and most importantly - Yamaha craftsmanship.

 This FG830 acoustic guitar is not really a beginner's guitar. It is for the guitarist who has been playing awhile and wants to move up from a beginning instrument.

Yamaha FG830 Ac.Guitar TBS
Yamaha FG830 Ac.Guitar TBS

The combination of Sitka and rosewood gives this guitar a nice solid, projecting tone that sounds good across the board. It looks great, has a smooth finish and the combination of quality components and craftsmanship make the FG830 an instrument that produces great tone and playability, on a budget.

Small body, big sound

Rich overtones and improved sustain thanks to the rosewood back and sides deliver improved sound through greater ‘depth’. The appearance, with abalone inlay around the sound hole, is more luxurious and an obvious step-up. The small and thin body is perfect not only for younger players but for intermediate to upper level finger-picking style players.

Built by Yamaha Only

Unlike other manufacturers, Yamaha makes most of their own acoustic guitars. When you buy a Yamaha guitar, it's really a Yamaha. Why is that important? Well, for a number of reasons. They control the quality of the materials and the manufacturing process. In other words, they are not at the mercy of another company's willingness to make a quality product.


  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Newly Developed Scalloped Bracing
  • Rosewood Back and Sides
  • Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
  • Diecast Tuners
  • Body Width: 14 15/16"
  • Body Depth: 3 9/16" - 4 5/16"
  • Nut Width: 1 11/16"
  • Finish: Natural
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