Vörunúmer 7600FG820NT

Yamaha FS820 Natural

Vörunúmer 7600FG820NT
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Dynamic and distinctive. The Yamaha FG820 Acoustic is part of a rich heritage, the first FG model was released back in 1966, and it powered the music of many different artists. So, with world renowned quality, a solid top, and superb playability, the FG820 is an instrument that certainly allows you to get deep into your creativity.


No matter your style, you're covered with the FG820. It features a solid spruce top for the ultimate versatility. Bringing an immersive dynamic range, right to your fingertips. The FG820 delivers an unmistakably classic acoustic sound. It's rich, warm, and allows you to play exactly the way you want to. Plus, with a traditional Western body, your sound is bold, loud, and beautifully expressive. You can strum with a heavier attack, or delicately pick, and it will respond to your individuality. You know it sounds classic, and it feels fantastic. But with traditional acoustic styling and a tortoiseshell pickguard, this FG820 has an indulgent vibe that was born to perform.

Yamaha FS820 Natural
Yamaha FS820 Natural

Quality you can trust - Yamaha FG Series

Perfect for new, developing, and seasoned players on a budget. The FG Series offers high-quality instruments with great tone and playability. Yamaha's legendary quality control ensures that the guitar is setup to the same specifications as their high-end instruments. An outstanding playing experience with an affordable price tag. It's time to improve and develop your skills with Yamaha's FG820.

Sound that just keeps giving

A truly affordable solid top sound. And, one that will stay with you for years to come. This FG820 Acoustic features a solid spruce top that brings a distinctive tone to your playing. The more you play, the more your tone opens up and grows with time. Rich, crisp, strong.



Dynamics that allow you to play, your way. An unmatched soundboard for versatility. The FG820's spruce top gives you the platform to play almost anything you desire. And, it responds to you, and your individuality beautifully. Married to your solid spruce top are mahogany back and sides. Bringing you what many players in the industry call the ''classic acoustic sound''. With this, your sound is rich, warm, and instantly recognisable. Ready to explore a sound that can handle almost anything? You deserve to play with freedom.

Traditional vibe, modern feel

A classic bold, commanding acoustic voice. The Yamaha FG820 features a traditional western body, known widely as the dreadnought. Bringing you a rich, full, distinct sound with plenty of volume. And, thanks to Yamaha's constant passion for innovation and modern developments, the FG820 holds superb quality with a sound, look, and feel that you'll adore for a lifetime.



Years of meticulous, painstaking developments bring you an acoustic that's made for you, the modern player. It has an authentic sound of the original FG guitars, but with the 'oomph' we all crave from an acoustic. To play, the FG820 is smooth and offers a fantastic feel. Plus, it's comfortable to those used to bigger bodied guitars. Ensuring you can hone your skills for hours on end. No matter your musical taste, this is an instrument that allows you to play your way. From bluesy rhythms and country licks to pop, rock, folk, and much more. And, with a matte finish, you can fly up and down the neck with ease. Dynamic, and truly distinctive in sound with a world renowned feel...

Strong sound from its very core

Improved bracing, immersive sound. The Yamaha FG820 features newly developed scalloped bracing. This specific type of bracing reinforces the FG820's top. Giving it the strength and durability to stay with you for years to come. Not only does it prevent your acoustic from collapsing under string tension, but it enhances the overall sound too. Yamaha's painstaking process and meticulous attention to detail has brought the best of the FG820 out. It's louder, with a richer, stronger sound. From the low to mid-ranges, your instrument is full, and beautifully balanced.


Body & Bridge

  • Top Material: Solid Spruce
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Body: Traditional Western
  • Body Type: Dreadnought
  • Bridge Material: Rosewood
  • Bridge Pins: Black ABS w/ White Dot
  • Saddle: Urea
  • Body Binding: Cream
  • Rosette: Black & White
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Colour: Natural

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Nato
  • Neck Finish: Matt
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Fingerboard Radius: R400 mm
  • Nut Material: Urea
  • Scale Length: 650 mm

Hardware & Strings

  • Hardware Colour: Chrome
  • Tuning Machines: Die-Cast TM29T
  • Pickguard: Tortoise Pattern
  • Strings: Yamaha FS50BT or D'Addario EXP11
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