Vörunúmer 2607CPM25MV

Cordial TRS-XLR-m 2,5m

Vörunúmer 2607CPM25MV
Verðmeð VSK
3.690 kr.

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The CPM MV, featuring an XLR male and a balanced jack plug is mostly used for mic and line signals and is extremely consistent and reliable.

It can be used as a connection between active speaker and mixing desk. Cordial's bulk cable CMK 222 in combination with robust NEUTRIK connectors will survive even the toughest challenges on stage.

Cordial TRS-XLR-m 2,5m
Cordial TRS-XLR-m 2,5m

Audio cable

  • From the Proline series
  • Balanced male jack -> XLR male
  • Neutrik connectors
  • CMK 222 cable
  • Black metal housing
  • Hand-soldered
  • Length: 2.5 m

Further Information

Length 2,5 m
Connector 1 Jack (stereo)
Connector 2 XLR (male)
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