Vörunúmer 7600STAGEPAS600BT

Yamaha Stagepas 600BT

Vörunúmer 7600STAGEPAS600BT
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179.990 kr.

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680-watt, portable PA system with 10-channel powered mixer, two 10" speakers, a Bluetooth® input, SPX digital reverbs, an onboard feedback suppressor and versatile EQ.

Yamaha Stagepas 600BT
Yamaha Stagepas 600BT
  • 680W (340W + 340W) power output
  • High quality speakers (LF:10" woofer/ HF:1.4" voice coil compression driver)
  • Detachable 10-channel mixer (4 mono/line + 6 mono / 3 stereo line)
  • Bluetooth® audio streaming
  • 1-Knob Master EQ™ with virtual bass boost
  • High resolution SPX digital reverbs (4 types, parameter control)
  • Onboard feedback suppressor
  • Great-sounding 3-band channel EQ
  • Switchable stereo/ mono inputs
  • Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs
  • Phantom power
  • Monitor and Subwoofer outputs
  • Optional reverb footswitch
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