Vörunúmer 2608MX153B/O-TQG

SHURE Earset mic. MX153 black

Vörunúmer 2608MX153B/O-TQG
Verðmeð VSK
28.990 kr.

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Lítill og léttur "earset" hljóðnemi. Hangir á eyra, með bómu frameftir kinn. Fyrir þráðlaus kerfi frá Shure.

SHURE Earset mic. MX153 black
SHURE Earset mic. MX153 black

Earset headworn omnidirectional microphone delivers exceptional speech clarity and enhanced plosive protection with no proximity effect. It features CommShield technology to stop RF interference, 3 color options, 3 windscreens and a protective pouch.

Main Features

  • Subminiature, omnidirectional cartridge offers superior speech clarity and enhanced plosive protection with no proximity effect
  • Terminated with TQG/TA4F connector for direct connectivity to Shure wireless bodypack transmitters
  • Ultra-lightweight, comfortable, flexible design is stable and easy to place over either ear
  • CommShield® Technology guards against interference from cellular RF devices and digital bodypack transmitters
  • Reinforced, attached soft flex cable
  • Matte black, tan, and cocoa colour options available
  • Includes protective storage pouch, 3 windscreens, and collar clip

Delivering exceptional speech clarity, the MX153 is ideal for corporate presentations, houses of worship, A/V conferencing and live sound reinforcement. Available in three colour options and direct TA4F connectivity to Shure bodypacks, the MX153 provides outstanding clarity in an extremely comfortable, over the ear design.

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