Vörunúmer DB-OPERA715DX

dB Opera 715DX 15 700w prg

Vörunúmer DB-OPERA715DX
Verðmeð VSK
79.990 kr. Verð áður79.990 kr.
Ekkert í boði
dB Opera 715DX 15  700w prg
dB Opera 715DX 15 700w prg

Equipped with 700-watt digiproG2 power amps, high-quality transducers, and modern DSPs, every 700 Series sound system delivers the kind of stellar audio performance that sets the stage for success. 

And that makes it the perfect companion for the discerning performer.

Loaded with a brawny 15“ woofer, the Opera 715 DX is the first choice for musicians and DJs who prefer to deploy an efficient fullrange system without an added subwoofer. 

It will serve you well as an FOH speaker for club gigs and as a personal monitor on big stages.

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