AustrianAudio OC18 Studio Set

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Engineered and manufactured in Austria, its high sensitivity and low self-noise means it can handle everything from a whisper, to extreme SPLs without distortion, making it the perfect choice for studio, live and broadcast applications. The unique ceramic capsule design is so consistent, the OC18 can be match-paired with any other OC18 or paired with any OC818 set in cardioid mode.

AustrianAudio OC18 Studio Set
AustrianAudio OC18 Studio Set

Key Features

The same handcrafted design as the OC818

Classic cardioid

Handcrafted CKR6 ceramic capsule

like the CKR12 capsule, but with single diaphragm

Every Austrian Audio OC18 and OC818 is within 1dB of each other,

Making any two microphones a stereo pair

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