Vörunúmer 2608VP89M

SHURE VP89M modular shotgun mi

Vörunúmer 2608VP89M
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89.990 kr. Verð áður112.990 kr.
SHURE VP89M modular shotgun mi
SHURE VP89M modular shotgun mi

The Shure VP89M Modular Shotgun Microphone features an interchangeable capsule that displays high RF (Radio Frequency) rejection, superior side noise rejection, and is paired with the detachable VP89 Preamp. Long, short and medium sized capsule barrels are available to suite various recording needs, rejection angles and frequency response types.

This model ships with the medium capsule, and includes a windscreen and zippered pouch. The state-of-the-art low noise preamplifier design features a low frequency roll-off switch for eliminating noise below 200Hz. The usefulness of the microphone can be further extended by buying one of the other length capsule and simply attaching it to the already included preamp.

State-of-the-art preamplifier redesign
Superior RF immunity
Internal low-frequency roll-off
Recessed low-cut filter switch for additional control
Smaller footprint
Superior Shure design and rugged, roadworthy construction

Medium Capsule Design

Features a narrow pickup angle and wide target aperture for greater degree of ambience (audience response, talk shows, live concerts)
Unmatched quality of off-axis rejection
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