Vörunúmer KM18963-071-55

K-M Hljómborðsstandur 2f X

Vörunúmer KM18963-071-55
Verðmeð VSK
8.990 kr.
K-M Hljómborðsstandur 2f X
K-M Hljómborðsstandur 2f X

Sturdy double brace X-Stand, securely holds large keyboards. Made from steel tubing. Because of the unique height adjustment mechanism the stand always opens to the desired height and width.

  • Adjustment:
    two cross braces with inserted screw
  • Height:
    from 400 to 905 mm
  • Material:
  • Max. load capacity:
    50 kg
  • Product Category:
  • Shape:
    double-braced x-stand
  • Special features:
    for large keyboards additional locking positions on main X-tubes for extremely low level usage adjustable end cap to stabilize the stand on uneven surfaces
  • Support depth:
    350 mm
  • Support width:
    from 470 to 760 mm
  • Type:
  • Weight:
    5.06 kg
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