Vörunúmer KORG-XVP10

KORG Expr/Volume pedal Pro

Vörunúmer KORG-XVP10
Verðmeð VSK
27.990 kr.
KORG Expr/Volume pedal Pro
KORG Expr/Volume pedal Pro

Looking for a stereo volume pedal or expression pedal for your keyboard? The Korg XVP10 is a double duty machine offering both volume and expression controls. You will also love the built-in tuner output. This tank-tough cast aluminum pedal is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The XVP10 pedal offers a stylish design, a road-tough build, and a comfortable, smooth action. It can be used as an expression pedal with most Korg keyboards, modules, and effect processors.

Korg XVP10 Keyboard Expression/Volume Pedal Features:

  • Stereo volume pedal
  • Expression pedal function
  • Convenient tuner output jack
  • Smooth travel
  • Cast aluminum body
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