Vörunúmer MN131

Music Nomad All Purpos Key One

Vörunúmer MN131
Verðmeð VSK
990 kr.

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Key ONE - All Purpose Cleaner

Music Nomad All Purpos Key One
Music Nomad All Purpos Key One

Cleans & Protects Keyboard Instruments, Keys, & Matte Pianos

Safely Removes Fingerprints, Dust & Grime from all Surfaces

Anti-Static Formula keeps dust from Binding to your surfaces

Residue free Pro Formula for long lasting, quick & easy results

Product Story

Everything you need to maintain keyboards, piano keys and matte finish pianos in one easy spray and wipe. Safe on all surfaces. A single spritz from our atomizer cleans fingerprints, dust and smudges like no other product. Streak free and residue free, it leaves a beautiful clean surface. Our anti-static agents help reduce the binding of dust to the surface. Small in size but big in results. MusicNomad Products are used by worldwide by musicians, repair shops, collectors & instrument makers. 4oz.