Vörunúmer KM18807-000-55

K-M universal holder Omega

Vörunúmer KM18807-000-55
Verðmeð VSK
12.990 kr.

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The practical universal holder opens up new application possibilities for the »Omega« 18810 and 18820 keyboard stands as well as for the 18950 and 18953 table-style keyboard stands. The holder is steplessly adjustable in height and distance and can be mounted individually on any supporting leg of a keyboard stand. As an option K&M offers the sheet music holder 18805, various tablet PC holders and microphone boom arms.  

K-M universal holder Omega
K-M universal holder Omega
EAN: 4016842114580
extendable: from 240 to 400 mm
Height: from 268 to 418 mm
Material: steel
Product Category: Topline
Special features: attaches to keyboard/stage piano stand 18950 or 18953 and also to table-style keyboard stands »Omega« 18810 and 18820; infinitely variable in height, direction and distance; connects other accessories, such as boom arm, gooseneck, iPad holder, Tablet PC holder etc.; incl. thread adapter 3/8" - 5/8"
Threaded connector: 3/8" and 5/8"
Type: black
Weight: 1.61 kg
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