Vörunúmer 7600YDPS54B

Yamaha YDP-S54 Rafpíanó BLK

Vörunúmer 7600YDPS54B
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219.990 kr.

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With 192-note polyphony and an integrated two-track song recorder, the Arius YDP-S54 handles complex performances without compromise. Utilize the USB-to-Host port to connect the YDP-S54 to a computer or mobile device, then take advantage of convenient app-based recording, playback, control, and song analysis. Expand your repertoire by practicing along with the 50 classic songs included in the internal memory and supplied song book.

Slim design with folding lid is well suited to small spaces such as studio apartments
GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory key tops
CFX stereo sampling faithfully reproduces the sound of Yamaha's flagship CFX concert grand piano
Play a single sound or layer two voices together
Half-damper pedal control allows for continuously increasing amounts of sustain as the pedal is depressed
The Smart Pianist iOS app not only gives you full control over your piano's major functions, but also analyzes your favorite songs right out of your music library using chord-tracker technology
Damper resonance DSP recreates the sound of the inside of a grand piano when the dampers are off the strings
Choose from four types of reverb to sweeten your sound
The USB-to-Host port allows players to connect to and interact with a wide variety of educational, creative, and entertaining musical applications on a computer or mobile device
The two-track song recorder enables players to practice one hand at a time or record their next single
192-note polyphony supports complex passages without any dropped notes
50 classic piano songs are provided in the built-in song memory and the supplied music book
Monitor through the built-in speakers or connect headphones to the two 1/4" stereo headphone jacks
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) adjusts the balance of bass and treble automatically to allow players to enjoy a full sound even at a lower volume
When listening through headphones with the Stereophonic Optimizer function active, voices sampled from acoustic pianos are perceived to come from the body of the instrument rather than from the headphones, providing a comfortable and natural experience
Yamaha YDP-S54 Rafpíanó BLK
Yamaha YDP-S54 Rafpíanó BLK
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